Posted by: yoyodude77 | May 18, 2008

listin to it bitches

Posted by: yoyodude77 | March 21, 2008

new guitar hero game


Posted by: yoyodude77 | March 17, 2008

site hits

i have noticed that crash196 has gotten alot of hits the past couple of days yesterday he got 151  b4 he got 131 he used to get like 1 a day and i just posted to say thnx for goin to my friends site he really needed the hits

Posted by: yoyodude77 | March 8, 2008

new clothing catolog


i cant beleive those glasses came bacck npw noobs have em except for me and greenday .

Posted by: yoyodude77 | February 29, 2008

im yoyoman17

if u see yoyoman17 on cp thats me

Posted by: crash95 | February 20, 2008

this site

guys im sorry i couldnt get a bunch of posts on its just that my computer went out and i have to use my friends computer
so any ways thnx for going to my site it means alot to me cuz uv been giving me some views

Posted by: yoyodude77 | February 15, 2008


disney is running cp and they are banning people for no reason.They banned dunkinrunkin for no reason.disney is just doing this to help out noobs like pinkisrad and blueisrad2.Disney just wants the money!!!

therefore dunkinrunkin is holding a party to stop Disney its called ani-Disney hes having a party.Go to for more information.

this leaves me no choice but to


Posted by: yoyodude77 | February 15, 2008

dunkins anti disney party

dunkin is having an anti disney party because they keep banning penguins for no reason.


Posted by: crash95 | February 13, 2008

party coming

there is going to be a party on cp i dont know wha is about but it looks kinda kool


Posted by: crash95 | February 4, 2008

dunkinrunkin is banned!!:(

dunkinrunkin got banned forever.

please help out dunkinrunkin call clubpenguin e-mail them anything you could do to help.

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